Painted Yahtzee Game Rules / Rainbow Instructions

Painted Yahtzee is played in a similar fashion to normal Yahtze. The differences are that you roll using coloured dice instead of a normal dice set, and that there are a few different spots on the scorecard

Straight There is no longer a low straight, only a high straight.

Four Colour If you end with at least four dice of the same colour, you can score the total number of points on ALL the dice in this slot.

Flush If all five dice have the same colour, then you can score 45 points in this slot

Painted House If you have three dice of one colour, and two of another colour then you can score 25 points in this slot.

Rainbow If each of the five dice has a different colour then you may score 35 points in this slot.

Blues/Reds/Greens/Yellows/Purples In this section, you will score the total of the dice with the relevant colour. If you score a total of 75 in this section, then you receive a bonus of 25 points.

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