Triple Yahtzee Game Rules / Instructions

Triple is played following the standard rules with three exceptions

The first exception is that your scorecard has three rounds active at the same time, allowing you to score anywhere across the three rounds at any time.

The second exception is that your scores for the second round will be multiplied by two, and the scores for the third round will be multiplied by three. This naturally means that the targets for the bonus will also be higher (63 for round1, 126 for round 2, 189 for round 3)

The final exception affects Yahtzee Bonus Points and Yahtzee Joker. You may ONLY use Yahtzee as a joker if all three yahtzee boxes have been filled and if all three of the corresponding number boxes have been filled on the left-hand-side too! As for yahtzee bonus points, if all three yahtzee boxes have a score of 50 or greater, and you roll a subsequent bonus, you will score 100 points multipled by the round that you score in, IF you score more than zero.

Example: all three yahtzee boxes are filled, with 50, 100, 150 respectively. I then roll five sixes but all three sixes boxes are filled, so I choose to place the yahtzee in round 3 high straight, which is open. I score 40 for a normal high straight, plus 100 bonus points for the fourth scored yahtzee, so a total of 140, multiplied by 3 because it's in round 3, = 420 for that turn. Wow!

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